Our Mission

To give quality architectural and structural metal works in the best, economical, safe manner and to be accomplished in the scheduled working time



Our Vision

To be a renowned and established metal construction company for outstanding workmanship and accomplished projects meeting client expectations in the Philippines and abroad



Our Corporate Values

Positive Attitude Towards Works
Quality & Efficiency
Customer Service and Satisfaction



Our Beginning and History

Just like most successful entrepreneurs, Expedilito D. Rodriguez, founder of then Fabriweld Enterprises had solely developed his business by his hardwork and perseverance. From small beginnings, he had learned the ropes of building his own construction business from a friend who had shared him valuable knowledge regarding the business.

With a small capital of Php15,000 and determination, he started his dream and Fabriweld Enterprises was born on June 15, 1975. He initially started to run his business by delivering high quality works for residential projects. Clients were enticed with Mr.Rodriguez, hands on management style and trustworthiness which had kept the clients on endorsing him to their friends and colleagues.

Despite the thriving and tumultuous times brought by martial law which caused many construction companies to fold and close down, Fabriweld Enterprises remained to be strong and profitable when it obtained projects from Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints all over the Philippines.

After the end of the revolution, business for Fabriweld Enterprises became more optimistic and strategic. Demands for condominium, industrial and commercial projects grew from prime and fast rising developers during that time like Cityland Development Corporation, ASB Development Corporation, Greenfield Development Corporation, Robinsons Land Corporation and Jaka Investment Corporation.

Courageously managing the affairs of the business single-handedly, Mr. Rodriguez's intention to develop the business had been realized when his son, Engr. Erickson A. Rodriguez, a Civil Engineer by profession joined the business after obtaining 4 years experience in the Commercial Center Division of Robinsons Land Corporation and studying Construction Management Masters degree from Dela Salle University.

In order to fully realize the potential of the business, Fabriweld Enterprises was dissolved to pave way to the rise of Fabriweld Building Systems Inc. on November 14, 2008 that would handle bigger demands and clientele in the continuing journey of the company for growth and progress.

Armed with technical competence, customer satisfaction and quality service, it is no doubt that Fabriweld Building Systems Inc. will soon rise as one of the top metal construction companies in the Philippines.




Board of Directors and Officers

Mr. Expedilito D. Rodriguez President
Engr. Erickson A. Rodriguez Vice President
Atty. Jasmin A. Rodriguez Corporate Secretary
Ms. Jovita A. Rodriguez Treasurer
Ms. Joset Rodriguez-Angeles Auditor
Ms. Jinky A. Rodriguez Business Development Head